Archive April 2006

The service of page is opened!

If you have a Google account, you can get a free 100M personal home page .Well. it is a good service. Comparing with it. Microsoft provides a more wonderful one. it provides an free web site URL, but when you apply it, your credit card number must be supported. If you apply successfully, Microsoft will

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Experiencing Google Reader

I have many favorite URLs, which include much rich content. As following the increase of it, a big problem appears, that is how to manage them. I remember I was placing them in the Favorites folder. But if the number is more than 20, you feel it is hard to manage, read and categorize them.

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I like the word”milestone". One of my screen names in community is called milestone sometimes. I think it is so excellent that many friends praise it. The hardest of the document is accomplished. It occupy approximately one fifth of the work. And it is hard to do it. We can take it as a hard

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