Thanks for your time to be here. I am Terry, and living in Shanghai now.

I am a high city mover.

~ 1999 , before studied in university, I was always living in JingZhou, Hubei province.

1999 ~2003, I moved to Taiyuan, Shanxi province for my university study.

In 2003 , after my graduation, I went and  lived in Shanghai for 5 years.

In 2008, due to the opportunities in career and personal affairs, I relocated to Beijing. After I moved to Beijing, I joined Aicent.

In 2011, as Aicent opened up a new office in Xi’an, I was assigned to build the office and setup the team, I relocated to Xi’an, Shaanxi province.

In 2015, as my child should roll into kindergarten, I had to make a decision to move back to Beijing as I hope she can have the chance to gain better education.

In 2018, a hard decision was made. I left the company I like to work for, and move back to Shanghai again.


I like Computer Technology 

After my graduation in 2003, I have 15 years work experience in several companies.

  1. Syniverse / Beijing / 2014.08 ~ 2018.06
  2. Aicent /Beijing /2009.01 ~ 2014.08. Merged with Syniverse, I joined Syniverse as well.
  3. Tangerine /Shanghai/2005.11 ~2008.11
  4. Surrey /Shanghai /2003.08 ~ 2005.11

I played several roles in those companies, developers, managers, and so on. I like programming. Although I lead teams for many years, I often spend little time contributing some coding.

I am monitor the new technologies and new concepts. I would like to apply them into the real project if something new is stable.

I’m interesting in :

  • Open Source
  • Java/PHP/Ruby/Python/JavaScript/.NET
  • Android/iOS/WinCE/BlackBerry/Windows Phone/Windows Mobile/Mac OS X/Unix-like
  • Web development/ mobile app development
  • ….

I like to know new

I am so glad to know something new. It is one of reason of that I love to travel China. It is one of reason of that I love the new technologies, new IT concepts and etc.

I like to work with smart people

I like to work with smart people. In Aicent/Syniverse, I worked with some smart people, that is why I can work for Aicent/Syniverse for a long time. It is my great fortune in my life to work with them.

Coding is easiest job in software engineer,  the team should be smart.