同时,打破旧有的思维定式,迎接新的思维方法。让team对整个产品,技术等 有明确的认识。工作方法也有改进。

还有,就是唯人才是用,谁做的好,思想转变的好,又有潜力,总能找到一些机会给他们。同时也兼顾team 成员的兴趣爱好,去分配任务,争取做到双赢。







Get things done immediately

This post is about time’s management.

I was asked how to manage my time frequently, and I also find someone like to delay something in daily work or life.

There are many theories and books to demonstrate on this topic, you know, they are just the concepts, if you want to overcome it, we MUST do it right now.

Actually, there is a word GTD, short for Get Things Done, we can get more information, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Getting_Things_Done. It is a method to guide us how to manage our time. However, we can inspire from this idea, can do it by ourselves.

Yes, don’t leave today’s to tom morrow. I believe we everyone understand it clearly, however, how many people of us are doing it follow them?

OK, I think it is better to do it immediately than to say it again and again. I will introduce how I am doing it.

I am using a mind map tool named FreeMind to manage it. You can get this tool from http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page. Here is a question, why do I use FreeMind, not others? The reason is very simple, because I am using it since 2007, I am very familiar with it. The tool is not important, the important is we need to do it right now.

I use this tool to plan and records today’s work, and tomorrow’s work, even this week’s work, but no need to plan the next week. Why? as it is easy to manage the detailed plan, not the high level or long-term task, right?

I categorize the tasks by day and month. Here is a screenshot to introduce how I am doing it.

Meanwhile, to easily which week the task is in, I marked Monday of each week bold.

I need to update the weekly report, I found it is great material for me to do it, because I can know easily what I did in last week.