Get things done immediately

This post is about time’s management.

I was asked how to manage my time frequently, and I also find someone like to delay something in daily work or life.

There are many theories and books to demonstrate on this topic, you know, they are just the concepts, if you want to overcome it, we MUST do it right now.

Actually, there is a word GTD, short for Get Things Done, we can get more information, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Getting_Things_Done. It is a method to guide us how to manage our time. However, we can inspire from this idea, can do it by ourselves.

Yes, don’t leave today’s to tom morrow. I believe we everyone understand it clearly, however, how many people of us are doing it follow them?

OK, I think it is better to do it immediately than to say it again and again. I will introduce how I am doing it.

I am using a mind map tool named FreeMind to manage it. You can get this tool from http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page. Here is a question, why do I use FreeMind, not others? The reason is very simple, because I am using it since 2007, I am very familiar with it. The tool is not important, the important is we need to do it right now.

I use this tool to plan and records today’s work, and tomorrow’s work, even this week’s work, but no need to plan the next week. Why? as it is easy to manage the detailed plan, not the high level or long-term task, right?

I categorize the tasks by day and month. Here is a screenshot to introduce how I am doing it.

Meanwhile, to easily which week the task is in, I marked Monday of each week bold.

I need to update the weekly report, I found it is great material for me to do it, because I can know easily what I did in last week.


How to recognize the candidates quickly?

I never realize that I can write this post about the hiring before, but now I am doing it.

This post is to share my thoughts on how to recognize the candidates quickly.

You know, it is always difficult and expensive for the companies to find the right person for the positions. When we move forward to look for the candidates, below 2 points are very critical to be considered,

  • How to find the right person efficiently?
  • How to avoid this scenario of that we found the candidate is not right people during the probation period? Yes, it is possible mostly.

Currently, if we hire the people by hunter, I think the hunter’s commission should be 20~30% of the candidates annual salary, or a fixed commission(sometimes, it is for the low level position). And once the 2nd point occurs, it means we are back to original start point, and have to find other candidates, which will waste much time and cost.

How to lower the potential risk? or Hhw to recognize the candidate quickly or efficiently?

In my opinion, we should check the candidates with below check points (taking developers as an exam):

  • Software development skills (java/C, and etc).
  • The coverage of his/her knowledge. For example, test, web security, HA, multi-threap, network, and et
  • Career path.
  • Communication.
  • English Skills.
  • Personality/characteristics
  • The education, BS or MS, the university is 211 or 985, plus

Here are some skills I want to share .
1. For the developer position, we should check his/her skills to write source code.
a. In the 1st round of interview, we can ask him/her if he/she has the open source projects, or some code can be shared with us so that we can check it.
b. If no, we can have a quiz to them.
c. If he/she has github, blog, and etc, we can have them provide the URL.

2. For the UED position, they must share their materials about design with us, it is mandatory. That is very important.

3. Communication. communication is critical in the company. He/she can describe one thing clearly? He/she can understand the question asked by us? He/she can express the ideas to us easily?

4. English skills. It is very important. If the writing and speaking are good, that is great. It should be better if you can speak with the candidate directly within 10~20 minutes. And here is one tip to check the writing. Please have him/her summarize the interview with 2-4 hundreds of words and send it to us via email after the interview. I believe we can know his writing English easily.

5.Open-mind. Some questions about weibo, wechat, Airbnb, facebook, twitter, some open organization, some interesting things new, mobile phone, and etc.

That’s all.