New company

New company

It seems that I don’t update here for a long time. Yes, I have to say that I was being very busy in past months, due to something important in company or my life.

I am writing to report that there is a thing important happening to me. Actually, I glanced all of my posts after I moved to Beijing from Shanghai in 2008, I never mentioned which company I was working on. Sorry for it. I would like to take this chance to introduce it.

Yes, I was working on a company naming Aicent, a telco company, now it is acquired by Syniverse, if you are interesting, you can move here and checkout more details via this URL . So I am now working on Syniverse.
Another objective to write this post is to memorize this event, and memorize Aicent, where I work for 5+ years That is why I want to write this article in English, not Chinese.

I joined the company in Jan 4th, 2009, yes, I was working for 5+ years. During this period, it is the valuable fortunate to work in this company, work with my colleagues. I need to say thanks to everyone as I learned much from you. Specially, I would like thanks to my current boss and ever-boss, like Tony, David, Daniel and etc.

During Aicent, the important affairs/things of life are finished, I got married, I got my daughter, I got my 1st car, I got my 1st house in Beijing, and etc. yes, those things are indeed important things in my most people’s view point, like my parents, my friends. Besides, I am living in 2 cities (Beijing and Xi’an), that means I was working in Beijing office 2 + years, and Xi’an office 2+ years. Yes, your guess is right. I was relocated to Xi’an office in Nov, 2011. It is difficult for me or my family to make such decision as I know the obvious or potential cost is very high. However, finally, we would like to have a try in different city, and this is a good change to my career and life. Comparing the living in different cities, we can know the benefits of each city. You may ask me why I was relocated to Xi’an office that is because we setup up a new office in Xi’an. And my responsibly is to build up all of the teams. When I conclude it every time, I always think it is an incredible period in Xi’an as I learned much in different fields like management, technology, communication, and financial. Thanks for my boss’s support.

In the past days, I was working on different teams, different roles and different products. Those products are across different knowledge. I was ever working for settlement system from BOSS, which make me know how the invoice is generated, how to deal with the big data, and building up a common tool used for each service in our company, which make my technology skills improved significantly, then working connection manager for Wi-Fi service, then focusing on app development on different platforms covering iOS/Android/BlackBerry/Windows Phone/Windows/Mac OS X, based upon those work, I get know what is Wi-Fi service, what philosophy the app development is requiring, and what principle we should understand for the development. Meanwhile, I also learn much in communication with different roles, like team members, other teams, customers, and vendor. Besides, I am working and witness the 2 important complex products for intelligence system, which is very helpful to expand my overall outlets of technology, and management. I am also working on CI(continuous Integration)/SCM, even I can help IT to maintain IT system like Jira/Crowd and etc, there are many and many detailed items. If the time is enough later, I would like to write and share those thing in detail.

The time is flying, it is already 5+ years after I moved to Beijing from Shanghai. During those days, I was living Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, and Xi’an. If sum with the cities of my hometown and university, Jingzhou(Hubei province), Taiyuan(Shanxi province), oh, it is up to 6 cities. Sometimes, I talked with friends in joking; the cities I am living worse to worse gradually after the graduation from university. Actually, if we think this problem in the other hand, we found those are also a fortunate for me. It is just an experience for me, not anyone can have opportunity to make such kind of life.

OK, move the eye to company too. Any regret here? Sure. In the company, if a staff works for 5 years, s/he will have a 5-Years Anniversary Award. It is very pity for me. I should have this in Annual party in Jan, 2014. But HR said the counting end date is Dec/2013. My god!! Because of the acquisition, I never has the 5-Years Anniversary Award of Aicent(it is possible in Syniverse, right? I don’t know).
Another award is Excellent-Staff Award. I want it so much. But I know I never have it as currently I am a manager of Xi’an office, it is impossible that I can get it.

Although the original company has many good points, it has many bad points too, I don’t mention them here. If possible, I also want to describe them in details. Totally, I learn much from Aicent. Thanks Everyone.

Now I am a part of Syniverse. Hello, Syniverse. I still take my best effort.

Finally, let me list some important news impacting on me.
2009-01-14, Join Aicent
2011-10-11, TA invests Aicent.
2011-11-17, Relocated to Xi’an office
2014-05-12, Syniverse agrees to acquire Aicent
2014-08-04, Syniverse completes the acquisition of Aicent.


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